Monday, March 28, 2016

How do you feel about sharing deodorant with your best buddy? Isn't that hot? You know what's hotter that that? Check out my story on my blog by clicking the link! SHARE this post!

So, this is my sexiest deodorant-sharing story:

I've been crushing on this sexy 19-year old twink who is straight.
He was introduced by an acquaintance a couple of years ago and
I just become good friends with him last year. One day,  we went out 
to the beach together with our common friends. After hitting the beach 
for a few hours, I went to the common bathroom and showered. He
followed after a few minutes and he showered beside me. When I finished, 
he saw me apply my deodorant on and asked if he could use mine. 
I shrugged and said sure. A few seconds before I handed the roll-on bottle
to him, an idea struck my naughty mind and I did not hesitate to
suggest it to him. "Only if you let me, put it on your armpits," I quipped.
Without hesitating, he jutted his lower lips and shrugged to mean
that he was cool with it. So I opened the bottle while he raised both his arms.
I held my breath and slowly rolled the upper tip of the bottle down his
hairy armpits. I was surprised it didn't tickled him a bit. He was
facing the full-size mirror while we were doing this. He was unmindful of
my towel rising from below my waist. I did not resist it. I let it happen.
He was busy checking himself out anyway in the mirror.
After applying the deo on both his pits, I pulled myself closer to him, 
while he was still raising his arms and dipped my nose slightly onto
his right armpit and then left armpit. Naughtily, as if that wasn't enough,
I gave both of them a smack. He giggled and the turned around to get his 
shirt on. I, of course, was left unsatisfied. Haha. But was it. Man, I still
get very turned at the memory of that incident. I usually like licking, kissing
and smelling my boyfriends' or mates' armpits, but that quick moment 
with the 19-year old twink in the bathroom trumped all that.

What about you, got a sexy armpit story to tell?
Message me.

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