Monday, February 22, 2016

VIDEO: Kuya Cutie and Hottie with sexy tats downs an entire bottle of brandy without pausing! SHARE THIS POST if you want more videos like this!

We know this Kuya Tambay is cute and sexy, what with all his shirtlessness and tattoos showing.
What makes him even sexier and hotter is the fact that he drank a bottle of Emperador without flinching (if he did, he was faking it for sure!). 
Watch until the end of the video and see what KUYA TAMBAY got as his prize!
It's kinda disappointing, though, that we only get to see fleeting glimpses of his presumably hot armpits for all the world to see. If you get his FB profile, lemme know okay?
He deserves another post here!
Enjoy the vid after the jump and please share, will ya?!

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